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Google fails to reign in scraper sites

There’s nothing more aggravating that writing for a publication that’s got a good reputation, ranks well in the SERPs but now is outranked by scraper sites, no thanks to Google. The latest example is my story about EAZE, the mobile medical marijuana delivery service app published today in Technorati. Now Technorati has ...Read More
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French blogger gets fined for negative restaurant review in Google

You’re familiar with Yelp and its seemingly endless reviews of restaurants by so-called “food critics.” While in general most complaints about a bad restaurant experience have more to do with service than with food, on occasion it’s the food that takes the lion’s share of the blame. But for French restaurant critic ...Read More
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Link Your Google My Business & AdWords Accounts: Google makes it official

Advertisers who link their Google My Business and Adwords accounts will receive the correct local information they need when ready to purchase thanks to Google’s recent update to location extensions. Google says it’s critical because “50% of consumers visit a store within one day of searching for location on their smartphones.” Improved ...Read More
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