Governor Brown: Veto AB 1273 – Say NO to mix-use development

Warriors proposed developments

Warriors proposed developments

September 12, 2013

Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
Governor of California
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

            Re:  AB 1273 – Request for Veto

Dear Governor Brown,

            I call the Bay Area home, and one of the things I prize most about this place is the magnificent, accessible Bay waterfront.

            The Golden State Warriors want to change irrevocably our San Francisco waterfront by overhauling 13.2 acres of piers to lay a concrete foundation over the Bay and then build a 12 story high basketball arena, 500-car parking garage, and a 90,000 feet shopping center atop it.  They also want to bust through existing height limits to build a 17 1/2 story luxury condo building across the street, along with a hotel with two 10-story towers and an additional 20,000 feet of retail space.

            I don’t like this project, and I don’t think an arena belongs on our Bay.  But what makes me really angry is that the Warriors came to the Legislature looking for a way to sideline BCDC, cut off public debate, and make this project “a done deal” without ever letting the local regulators do their jobs or listen to the concerns of the public.  AB 1273 still gives the Warriors special treatment, and is unnecessary for both BCDC and State Lands Commission.  Furthermore, AB 1273 is premature since the design and timeline of the proposed Warriors developments are in constant flux.

            So please, Governor Brown, don’t give the Warriors a leg up that they don’t need.  Please veto AB 1273.  Thank you.


Byron Gordon

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