Bernie Sanders is the Kvetch we’ve been waiting for!

Bernie Sanders

I’ve contemplated Bernie Sanders entrance into the 2016 presidential race for some time, trying to understand what truly distinguishes him from any previous contender. And what I’ve concluded is that aside from his socialist leanings, he’s the most down to earth candidate to grace the national political stage in a long time. I can’t recall a candidate with Bernie’s “on the nose” and honest approach when discussing and prioritizing the problems our country faces. Bernie’s Rolling Stone interview is a superb encapsulation of what drives him on this campaign for the presidency.

It’s so refreshing to come across the likes of Bernie Sanders! You can disagree with his politics but you can’t dispute his genuine compassion and desire to want to help and improve the quality of life of the American people. Inspired from the likes of his heroes, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr., and Eugene V. Debs, Bernie makes no bones about wanting to use government for the betterment of American society. It’s in complete contrast to the republican party, which is contemptuous of government as a tool to improve the lives of people in general.

And it’s also in complete contrast to Hillary Clinton. Hillary is the “establishment” candidate. She takes money from the Super PACs; she takes money from Wall Street and she’s no liberal. She’s a moderate Republican, which would be OK if our congress were filled with moderates instead of the Tea Party majority who fill its seats. I find that Hillary has the most to lose in this 2016 presidential race. Even if Hillary were to win the nomination and the presidency, she will be judged on her actions alone. I don’t see Hillary ushering in a whole new wave of democrats to Congress. Republicans will hate Hillary until to the end, mainly because it’s become politically expedient to do so. Just as important, if Hillary becomes a one term president, you won’t see very many women inspired to run for president again. Remember Geraldine Ferraro anyone?  To vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman is not making a solid case for why one should vote for her.

In contrast, Bernie is all about trying to create a political revolution in this country. The very word “revolution” is verboten in Hillary’s vocabulary. Even if Bernie were to not make it to the presidency, if economic circumstances continue to worsen for the middle class, if global warming worsens, if wealth inequality worsens, these shortcomings will fall upon Hillary to find us a way out. If Bernie makes it to the presidency, he will help usher in a whole new slate of democrats to Congress because the democratic party establishment will be flabbergasted at Bernie’s arrival on the center stage, making it re-evaluate the power of populism and how Bernie’s no-nonsense approach to tackling this country’s gravest problems can help other democrats ride on the coattails of his success. Bernie will be viewed from the vantage point of history as having truly set the bar higher, having harped upon the right issues of the day much earlier and that he helped lead a political revolution to replace the hideous republican party’s majority in Congress.

Income and wealth inequality is the number #1 issue facing American voters in the 2016 presidential election.

I urge any and all voters who feel disenchanted with the status-quo to seriously consider supporting Bernie Sanders. Look at this way. Bernie is not being manipulated by consultants; he isn’t raising money from Super PACs; he isn’t taking money from Wall Street. Bernie speaks with a passion for breaking up the biggest, most powerful banks in the United States. Bernie wants Congress to pass (what was gutted by then President Bill Clinton) the Glass-Steagall Act, which separated investment and commercial banking operations. Bernie Sanders supports Medicare for all; why argue with that premise? Especially when you, who are reading this now, are beholden to a private insurance company to pay for your next visit to see a doctor. Why would you support such an abhorrence to any notion of a decent society?



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Bernie Sanders
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