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Glipho review: #socialmedia blogging and publishing platform

  Glipho social blogging platform review Update – 4/21/2016  This review was written more than a year ago and Glipho has since gone the way of the dodo…. To blog or not to blog is no longer the question. Choosing the right blogging platform that’s going to effectively share your voice and ...Read More
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Scaling social media: Rallyverse is boosting reach for B2B & B2C

  Helping community managers and social media marketers curate, share and create content Let’s face it. Scaling social media is hard for both B2B and B2C players. Driving greater levels of engagement (and ultimately sales) remains an uphill battle for many, in particular, those in eCommerce.  A number of major brands over ...Read More
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Orabrush admits: Bad breath Test viral video views are phony

Orabrush finally comes clean about its YouTube view count In case some of you missed it, at the recently held ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, Orabrush dropped a bomb. Orabrush revealed that 11 million out of the 18 million views for its Bad Breath Test video  (considered one of the greatest YouTube viral videos ...Read More
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People are too afraid to be weird when it comes to social media

He came, he sawe, he conked her! Yes, if there was one overriding message from last night’s San Francisco Blog Club Meetup at Fort Mason, it was dare to be snarky, witty, and just plain weird when you’re using social media to promote and share your content. The ubiquitous Murray Newlands, organizer ...Read More
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18.9% of the web powered by WordPress but danger lies ahead

WordPress continues its climb as the leading free CMS on the Web today as outlined by Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg in his keynote address at this past weekend’s  WordCamp San Francisco conference. Mullenweg says that the blogging platform is now powering 18.9 percent of the Web, a 2.2 point increase from 2012. WordPress’s evolution as ...Read More
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Mobile Monday Accelerator Program provides fresh meat for industry

Thanks to the magnanimity of Mario Tapia, mobile industry veteran and chief organizer of the Mobile Monday Silicon Valley Meetup, I was able to attend the most recent Momentum Mobile Accelerator Demo day. For the uninitiated, the Mobile Monday Accelerator Program is a twelve-week program that works to accelerate those businesses seeking ...Read More
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