Trump: A final post-mortem on Donald’s presidential victory

Donald Trump’s self-fulfilling prophesy

Most of you should be familiar with Nicholas Kristof, Pulitzer-prize winning columnist of the New York Times. In his most recent newsletter, he offered a mea-culpa. Earlier this spring, Nicholas argued that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be as strong a candidate as Hillary Clinton when facing Donald Trump.

Now, looking back at the election results, Nicholas admits he was wrong. Voters did not want the traditional political establishment candidate and perceived Hillary as the opposite of change. Looking at hypothetical match-ups, Nicholas admits that Sanders or even Joe Biden would have defeated Trump. I wrote about why Bernie was a superior candidate back in February during the primaries and it’s gratifying to know I was right.

Nicholas believes that this election was about nominating the wrong candidate at the wrong time (not to mention, of course, that Hillary was the victim of terrible sexism and unconscious bias). Voters who voted for Trump wanted to see a man as president.

Corporate Mainstream media’s promotion of Trump

I take satisfaction from Nicholas’s mea-culpa because it validates my own personal observations about the collapse of mainstream media’s obligation and responsibility in reporting news and information objectively, with as little bias as possible. The New York Times overtly pushed for Hillary’s campaign throughout the primaries and it disgusted me as a Bernie supporter. That’s just one example.

The majority of mainstream media gave Trump oodles of free publicity in order to maximize their own profits. It’s painful, however, to have known this throughout the campaign and yet you had columnists like Kristoff who so openly advocated for Hillary, even though she was the wrong candidate at the wrong time of this country’s political history. Yes, she did win the popular vote and if we didn’t have the antiquated electoral college, then Hillary would be president. But poll after poll showed Bernie winning against Trump by a higher margin of victory than Hillary. It’s just such a painful and difficult pill to swallow.

For those of you who supported Hillary in the primaries, I truly hope Trump’s victory inspires you to help create the badly needed 3rd political party in this country; a party that is not beholden to a corporate millionaire class but a party that represents working-class people, people who can afford to donate $5 or $10 to a party that advocates Medicare for All, an end to the electoral college, an end to Citizens United, a belief in government spending to invest in a crumbling infrastructure, a belief that human caused global warming is a fact and not a fiction, and a party that believes and wants to invest in public schooling.

Hillary supporters apologize to Bernie supporters

I’ve seen some Hillary supporters post apologies to Bernie supporters on Facebook. Yes, an apology is always welcomed. But what is needed now is a political revolution. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has created a new organization called It might not be perfect but it’s certainly a fresh start as we prepare to unseat President Trump in the 2020 election.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all good health and peace of mind.

Post-mortem on Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton
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Post-mortem on Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump's electoral college victory over Hillary Clinton was spearheaded by a hatred of Hillary, misogyny, and a desire for change to be led by a perceived outsider of establishment politics.
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