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Facebook commenting must improve


Facebook Failure


Back in April of 2015, I wrote about Facebook not being the world’s biggest waste of time and to this day still feel essentially the same. That doesn’t mean, however, the social media platform falls short on a few specifics as far as functionality is concerned. Today’s post has to do with one of them. Commenting!

One of the smarter moves by Zuckerberg and his pack of engineers was the idea to not only encourage comments by people on various posts to Facebook but also encouraging others to respond to those comments. We all have a love/hate relationship with Facebook’s “like” tool. According to Zuckerberg, Facebook is working on a dislike button. Not sure how I feel about that since it most likely would encourage more conflict between users than anything else. Back to comments. In 2014, a Facebook user by the name of Lisa Moir asked a most relevant, cogent, and dead on question about who controls your likes and comments? See below:

Facebook comments


Poor Facebook customer service

A woman by the name of Judie Green (who on her profile page states that she’s “Active in FB HelpCenter, answered over 10,000 questions by other users) responded that feedback should be sent to Facebook about this question and that you can easily do so by clicking on your “settings” function and reporting a “problem.”  Judie never adequately responded to the question because she didn’t know how to answer it. The only logical answer, of course, is that when someone posts a comment on a post by a user, it is up to the user’s profile to decide who can read those comments. I’ve emailed Facebook using its general feedback form and I’ve never heard anything back on this nagging problem. I also added my own comments to Moir’s original post critical of Facebook’s own failings.

If I comment on a post but I don’t want my network of FB friends to see my comments there is nothing I can do about that because it is up to the user profile who determines what comments are viewable. So let’s say I comment on a political post but only want those who are following the post to read my comments, it’s not possible. As soon as I respond, my comments can be seen by my entire social network. Do I truly want to mix politics with every person in my social network on Facebook?   In turn, I’ve been liking posts less and less because I don’t want more of my social network to see what it is that I’m commenting on. Just because you are participating in a social networking platform doesn’t mean you want everyone to see what it is you are commenting on. Is there an easy way to fix this gross failure by Zuckerberg and his staff?

I always thought Google + was actually the superior platform for social networking. But it came along too late. Facebook had already laid claim to the social network monster that it is, for better and for worse. I merely wish that Zuckerberg and his customer service department spent a bit more time responding to legitimate complaints and make the serious effort at modifying some of the functionality that creates such irritation on the part of its users.

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