Google fails to reign in scraper sites

Matt Cutts wants you to send him your scraper sitesThere’s nothing more aggravating that writing for a publication that’s got a good reputation, ranks well in the SERPs but now is outranked by scraper sites, no thanks to Google. The latest example is my story about EAZE, the mobile medical marijuana delivery service app published today in Technorati. Now Technorati has a long history, going way back to the 1990s when it was the defacto directory for blogs on the Web. It recently underwent a change in direction, wanting to refocus itself on what it does best, serve up ads while at the same time marketing itself as a premier site for technology-related content.

My story about EAZE should have ranked well enough to be featured on page 1 of Google, including a listing in Google news since Google previously identified Technorati as a news source. What were the results?

Google page 1 resultsAs you can see above this snapshot listing the first page results on Google for the keywords, “EAZE SF” feature two scraper sites, one called Freenewspos and the other, Veooz. Both outrank Technorati’s listing, which currently ranks on page 2. I’ve contacted both scrapers via their websites letting them know that what they are doing is patently illegal. I also informed both sites that I reported them to Google. How did I report them to Google?

Google ScraperMatt Cutts, who is now conveniently on vacation, earlier this year asked the public via Twitter to send him examples of Google-related scraper sites. By using Google’s Scraper report. I submitted two scraper reports, one for each violation. And what is Google’s response to date? “Thanks.” Of course, if I represented the New York Times Matt Cutts would return from vacation and right away investigate the matter. But since he’s gone, I’ve got the rest of his volunteer team working on the problem. Right? Wrong. First answer I get from the forum is the same BS given to anyone who complains about how Google is screwing them over.

Google is a search engine monopoly. It just doesn’t care enough or do enough to sanction violators of SERP rankings.

Google fails to reign in scraper sites
Article Name
Google fails to reign in scraper sites
Google falls short in preventing scraper sites from outranking the original poster of the content.
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