How to optimize your local landing page: INFOGRAPHIC

Anatomy of local optimized landing page

Anatomy of optimized local landing page by Avalaunch Media

Optimizing your landing page for Local Search

Let’s face it. Optimizing for local search results can be frustrating, especially when you feel you’ve done all of the necessary steps. I’m working with a client right now whose homepage isn’t well optimized and more importantly, has too much going on causing a high bounce rate. When I say too much, I mean it’s featuring Flash, video, tweets, etc…and the call to action is lost.

I’m using this guide to help my client and I know things will improve over  time.  But always keep in mind the following:

  1. Take full advantage of your Google place profile
  2. Make sure you’ve listed in the relevant categories
  3. Optimize content on your website social network links
  4. Never fail to ask your customers to post a review of your product (assuming they had a pleasant experience) on your Google place profile, and other third party sites, like  Yelp.
  5. Optimize and maximize your use of photos and videos for Google Places
  6. Make your site is optimized for mobile (the folks at offer you a free mobile website)


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