The Internet must be socialized and subsidized by taxpayers

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals recently threw out the FCC’s Open Internet Order. This action strikes at the heart of the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality law, which prevented Internet service providers from choosing which websites to favor with faster connection speeds. Imagine, if General Motors built a private toll highway that only allowed Cadillacs. Americans wouldn’t stand for it and demand a change to such a law allowing this in the first place.

One of the purposes of government is to facilitate communications. Mail service itself is codified in the constitution. The modern version of mail is e-mail, and the Internet. It is time to ban private internet, and make the Internet infrastructure a taxpayer-funded service… like it originally was. We do not trust private companies. Government in a democratic society is by its nature, transparent. Transparency facilitates trust. If we can’t have trust in our public servants then democracy has failed. If the free market does not work for the public good than the free market has failed. The worldwide Web was invented by employees of CERN, a body funded by European governments and therefore tax-payers.

Companies like Verizon need to realize that their network and pipes are worthless without all of the free content on the Internet.  While it’s true that the amount of Internet traffic continues to grow exponentially, Verizon is complaining about its inability to MAXIMIZE profit, not its inability to make profit. If Verizon can jack up fees for traffic “they don’t like” (for whatever the reason) they will.

A socialized Internet
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A socialized Internet
The Internet must be subsidized by taxpayers in order to ensure Net neutrality.
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