My cat Romeo. It’s a love/hate relationship.

Romeo in his tower.

Romeo in his tower

My cat, Romeo. I’ve been responsible for his life for about seven years now. My wife picked him up when he was about four months old. At the time, we had discussed owning a pet, we quickly dismissed the idea of a dog outright. Dogs don’t belong in a city. They belong in the country. Dogs require lots of physical activity and no one likes to see dog poop on the sidewalks. Dogs are also expensive, not that cats aren’t. Any pet owner dreads the visit to the vet because costs associated with treating your pet are very expensive. Nevertheless, we took the plunge and brought  Romeo home into our lives.

Romeo in his tower

Romeo, my cat, in his tower having fun.

When we first brought Romeo home, one of the things he would never do is leave us alone. I distinctly remember when it was time for bed, both of us were in bed trying to get to sleep. But when I left Romeo on the couch alone, he would meow. He wouldn’t stop meowing. Matter of fact, he wouldn’t stop meowing until we brought him on to the bed with us. He had to sleep with us in order to stop meowing. Just great. Before I anticipated getting a cat, I had it all planned in my head.

This is what I wanted.

1) The cat will sleep outside of the bedroom

2) The cat will not get sick and vomit on any of our rugs.

3) The cat, being a short-haired cat, will not get fur all over the house

4) The cat will not scratch or bite me when I play with him

5) The cat will not wake me up at 3am because he’s hungry

6) The cat will not scratch at the window draping when he wants something

7) The cat will not scratch our furniture, especially the furniture which we’ve deemed not fit for cat scratching

8) The cat will not get litter outside the litter box

9) The cat will not complain if we get him the wrong food because we were unable to get him the right food at the time we fed him

Boy, did I learn otherwise. Romeo took all those 9 rules of mine and smashed them to smithoreenies.

Romeo hugging me tightly

Romeo clinging to me tightly

Romeo is all grown up these days and makes himself known whenever he feels like it. He still throws up now and then. He likes the taste of plastic and try as we might to remove all traces of plastic in our home, somehow Romeo still finds it and chews on it. I think that’s what causes him to throw up.

So in exchange for the 8 rules I stipulated Romeo would never break what has Romeo given me in return?

1) Affection

2) Love

3) Fur to pet (he enjoys it when I scratch his chin, in particular)

4) Romeo loves to play

5) Romeo loves to cuddle…that is when he wants to cuddle

6) Romeo loves to go to sleep on our bed. Try as I might to get him to sleep elsewhere in our home he never fails to come to our bedroom, hop on our bed, and encamp himself between my legs.

Romeo snuggles

Romeo snuggles with me.

I titled this post: My love/hate relationship with my cat, Romeo. And love/hate it remains. But as Romeo ages, I’m starting to love him more and hate him less. He’s a cat and I’m his parent. Your role as parent never stops until the day your pet dies.

My cat, Romeo
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