Orabrush admits: Bad breath Test viral video views are phony

Orabrush tongue clearner

Orabrush tongue cleaner

Orabrush finally comes clean about its YouTube view count

In case some of you missed it, at the recently held ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, Orabrush dropped a bomb. Orabrush revealed that 11 million out of the 18 million views for its Bad Breath Test video  (considered one of the greatest YouTube viral videos of all time) came from advertising. It busted the myth that Orabrush was one of more brilliant players on YouTube when it came to driving organic views to its videos. It’s probably one of the reasons why Unruly Media no longer features the video, in addition to other Orabrush videos since they have a low sharing rate. On the plus side for Orabrush, it did figure out how much to pay for the ads and how much they’d make from the sale of an Orabrush in order to profit off of their paid advertising. Talk about clever!

Orabrush has long been the darling of video marketing case studies. Orabrush has received oodles of coverage because of their phenomenal success. But the more important factor in all of this is just how discredited YouTube video views have become as a metric.


Jim Louderback, Revision3, interviews YouTube experts Paul Colligan and Greg Jarboe

Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3, interviews YouTube experts, Paul Colligan (on the left) and Greg Jarboe (on the right)


Accurate YouTube video views have gone the way of the Dodo

Paul Colligan, YouTube video expert, made it clear during his interview by Jim Louderback, Revision3, at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit that it’s robots watching videos, which skewer view counts and in turn make it impossible to determine what is a real view as opposed to an automated view. Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR, confirmed that the level of fraud in determining YouTube video counts is just too great to be of value to anyone. An excellent YouTube video parodying YouTube video view fraud is the Buyral video produced by John st.


Little video clickers

Little video clickers


What can replace video views as a more accurate metric?

You can’t count views because views aren’t real. For Greg Jarboe, a slight improvement over views is  YouTube’s newer metric, announced last year, called Watch Time. In the end, the only real way to determine a video’s worth is by reviewing how well it translates into actual conversions or sales of the product being promoted. “Money talks, clicks walk,” is the essential adage to remind yourself of when determining  just how effective your YouTube video marketing campaign is for your brand.



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