Republican party stupidity: John Boehner leads the way

Don't fund Obamacare

Don’t fund Obamacare

Republican party dingbats!

In reviewing the comments made by Republican party house leader John Boehner (and those of his colleagues) it boggles the mind just how stupid the Republican party leadership must be. Raising the debt ceiling is not about signing a blank check. It’s about signing a check to pay for what already has been spent.  This is not a spending spree and yet Republicans are insisting that President Obama must negotiate with them in order for the debt ceiling to be raised.

Obama is correct that he is in no way obligated to negotiate with a political party that is putting a gun to his head. No debate can begin until the Republican party resigns from its obstinate position. This ugly episode of American politics must surely not be forgotten when 2014 arrives. More importantly, this is all about the Tea Party disdain for government services. This minority faction has infiltrated the Republican party, literally poisoning it with its hatred of anything that smacks of government welfare. The irony is that Obamacare is all about trying to provide health insurance to millions who don’t have it and/or cannot afford it. As reported in the New York Times, Obamacare still won’t be able to provide health insurance to those who can least afford it.

What is so blatantly clear and above all hurtful to American society is just how contemptuous the republican party has become of government itself. Funded by Libertarian fanatics, the Koch Brothers, the Republican party has routinely stymied Obama in trying to pass any progressive legislation since his re-election. Remember the immigration reform bill?  What about Gun-control legislation?  All of it, for the time being, stuck going nowhere.

Obamacare: “unprecedented federal intrusion”

The Republican party offers no alternative to Obamacare, only their contempt of it. Because if it actually provided health insurance to millions more people, it would embarrass Republicans who kept championing the evils of the legislation.

In 1994, the conservative thinker William Kristol published a manifesto about why Republicans had to stop then President Bill Clinton’s attempt at national health care legislation.

“Passage of the Clinton health plan in any form would be disastrous,” Mr. Kristol wrote, italicizing for emphasis. “It would guarantee an unprecedented federal intrusion into the American economy. Its success would signal the rebirth of centralized welfare-state policy at the moment that such policy is being perceived as a failure in other areas.”

There you have it. Republicans cannot abide at just how necessary government has become in American life. Millions of Americans depend upon government. The free market is simply not able to provide adequately those services deemed crucial for survival. It’s the middle class that stands to benefit the most from Obamacare. To conservative Republicans, losing that segment of the electorate to the Democratic party would cost them dearly in all future elections.

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