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French blogger gets fined for negative restaurant review in Google

You’re familiar with Yelp and its seemingly endless reviews of restaurants by so-called “food critics.” While in general most complaints about a bad restaurant experience have more to do with service than with food, on occasion it’s the food that takes the lion’s share of the blame. But for French restaurant critic ...Read More
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Camera-assisted #mobile #gaming that capitalizes on edge detection

  “I was thinking about a mobile game where you might bounce objects off of the skyline, like when you watch a sunset, or the horizon, and find a way to turn that little action into part of a story where people are having fun and are learning to see the world ...Read More
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Captain Phillips movie review: Tom Hanks versus Somali pirates

Captain Phillips starts out terrific, mainly because the director immediately brings you into the world of piracy and you feel the tension mount, as Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) must quickly rally his crew to avoid capture from Somali pirates.  But this is only the first attempt. The real-life story of Captain Richard ...Read More
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Gravity movie review – It’s no 2001: A Space Odyssey

Gravity fails to inspire If you’re planning on seeing Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, you might want to read this review first. As most of you cinema fans know, the American movie industry is based largely on hype. In order to generate that hype, you have sites like Rotten Tomatoes, which amalgamates ...Read More

Glipho review: #socialmedia blogging and publishing platform

  Glipho social blogging platform review Update – 4/21/2016  This review was written more than a year ago and Glipho has since gone the way of the dodo…. To blog or not to blog is no longer the question. Choosing the right blogging platform that’s going to effectively share your voice and ...Read More
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Game Insight previews Tank Domination 2013 gameplay

Midcore gamers will revel in real-time tank MMO simulator gameplay Strap yourself in because tank warfare just got a little more explosive. Because tank battles are such the rage, yes,’s Word of Tanks certainly comes to mind, Game Insight felt it was time to up the ante with its entry into the midcore market, Tank ...Read More
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