Time to get a real job, Jon Stewart, and run for congress

Jon StewartJon Stewart had a good run. Skewering the left and right, he made bank while entertaining those disgusted with the realities of today’s news. I congratulate Jon for a job well done. But now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and say goodbye to the armchair satirist life. You’ve made millions and you’re a millionaire. Yes, you’ve written checks to causes you care about. Now comes the time for you to put your money where your mouth is.

It’s time to run for public office. Yes, you’ve interviewed plenty of this country’s best and worst public servants; you’ve promoted books and issues that you care about. The hard part is actually trying to affect change by inserting yourself into the belly of the beast, Congress. I’d like to see you run for office. You’ve had it too easy just being a pundit. I’d have little respect for you if all you do is become the centerpiece of another television comedy program. You’re no Bill Moyers. You’re just a comedian, albeit, a sharp one.

I’ve enjoyed watching and listening to you. Now I’d like to see you attempt to run for a congressional seat. Put yourself front and center into the ugly and miserable experience that is serving your country. I don’t care if you lose. I’d just have more respect for you if at least made the attempt. You took home $25 to $30 million a year in your run on Comedy Central. Just how close are you to the 1% club, Jon?

Pony up by not writing another check. Run for office. You have my support.

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