Top 7 seven free marketing tools to use in 2015

Fluid app

I get asked by clients all of the time about what new or existing free marketing tools might I recommend? Well, pull up a seat, and begin reviewing what are solid tools that should be part of your marketing suitcase.

  1. Fluid – I learned about this app from a fellow Mac head. I’ve gotten tired of stuffing my Web browser with different types of apps. Sometimes I’ve thought about wanting to use just a standalone, say for accessing my Facebook account. Welcome, Fluid. It lets you create a Mac desktop app out of any Web app or website. Genius!
  2. Hootsuite – This remains the defacto platform for scheduling large social media campaigns. I’ve never run into any client who disliked it. Yes, it’s not perfect, I’ve had trouble with the LinkedIn and Instagram APIs, I’m not sure there is another platform of its class that enables you to post to so many channels at once.
  3. Evernote – With seamless Google Chrome extension and a super mobile app (that gets routinely updated), it’s time you start keeping track of your meetings, thoughts, and errata all within this terrific app. It offers tagging features and cloud syncing. It’s organized and will help you do the same.
  4. Google Chrome Extensions – Who doesn’t get tired of plugging the giant of search? But try as you might, there’s no way of getting around the plethora of free tools and extensions that Google never fails to provide us with. With extensions, you can customize Chrome while keeping your browser free of clutter. You work more efficiently and create a uniquely customizable online workspace for yourself. I
  5. Insightly – I haven’t used Insightly myself but hear good things, in particular its great functionality, and enabling users to follow-up on close marketing projects with new and existing clients.
  6. Google Trends – Hey, if you ever wanted to know what’s being searched for on the Web, you would be shooting yourself in the foot if you chose to ignore Google Trends. Google Correlate is a nifty feature as well and using Trends can help you with ideas for blogging, what’s being discussed on social media platforms and themes for your next website.
  7. Asana – Asana provides everything that Basecamp offers…and it’s free.  From branding updates to large websites, if you don’t want the hastle of a monthly fee, seriously consider giving it a try.
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